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To assure a guarantee of reservation the clientele and to compensate the hotelkeeper, it is asked by the deposit as revocation at the level of 30 % of the amount of the stay.

In case of abbreviated or cancelled stays, these deposit are acquired in the hotel. (Article 1590 of the Civil code)


The reservation is considered firm and definitive when accompanied with a payment of deposit as revocation equivalent to 30 % of the cost of the stay (+ the amount of the possible supplements). A reservation is confirmed upon receipt of the 30 % of deposit received as revocation.

Whatever is the date of the cancellation the deposit are kept(preserved) by the hotel.

The cancellation of a reservation which had been confirmed by the payment of deposit will be acceptable only if it is formulated by e-mail or mail.

Watch out, for the stays of a single night, all of the stay is taken before the arrival of the customer and not refundable.

Rooms are at your disposal from 16 hours the day of arrival. Rooms must be freed maximum at 11 am the day of departure.

A late departure, as possible and on request, is charged to 50 % of the price of the roomtill 5:00 pm and to 100%(fully) the price of the room beyond this schedule.

For any late arrival: after 9:00 pm, it is essential prevent the hotel.

The services not consumed during the stay are the object of no reduction and no refund.